Meet our Family


Welcome!  We’re the Taylor family: Joshua (AKA Exemplary Husband), Bethany (AKA The Eccentric Lady), Teenager (Meti), Engineer Boy (Enoch), Twinkle Toes (Tigist), Rock Star (Justice), and Little Tyke (Erbeka).  We’re the kind of family that is practically impractical, whimsical yet purposeful, traditional yet unconventional, you might say we’re a bit eccentric.  But we enjoy life this way.  Life has brought us around the world, and in the summer of 2011 back to our home state.  The proceeding is an introduction, a nice to meet you, an invitation to come join us as we live an ordinary life, just a bit on the peculiar eccentric side.

IMG_9727 Joshua and I were childhood friends, highschool sweethearts, prom dates, band geeks, and best friends growing up.  We were married in 2003 and love living life together.  Some days Joshua is the free-spirit while I’m the one demanding a 5 and 10 year detailed plan for our lives.  Other days I have some new idea, want to buy a cow, and live off-the-grid while he’s trying to work out our monthly budget and figure out how exactly to pursue our dreams while leading and caring for our family.  Together we’re always desiring to adopt more children and figure out a way to care for children waiting to be united with a forever family.  We enjoy being married, being a husband, wife, and parents.  Most importantly we’re people who love God, believe the Bible, and desire to live out life in a community of believers.  In everything we do we try to glorify God and live in a way that compels others to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Let me introduce you to my children.  My guess is that deep down they’re made of the same stuff as your kiddos, or children you know.  Life circumstance shape each kid into slightly different personalities but here’s the run down of the fantastic and amusing brood at my house.

MetiMeet Meti . . . the teenager of the Taylor household.  Joining our family in January 2012, Meti has settled into life pleasantly as the eldest.  She is such a blessing and joy to be around.  Meti does not personify your typical American teenager as her attitude is kind and helpful, she has a servant’s heart and many days I’ve come home from running errands to find my laundry has been folded and put away.  She does however like music, hanging out with her friends, clothes, singing in the school chorus and church worship team, and texting friends on her phone.  She also loves watching babies. . . we call her the baby whisperer.

taylor46Engineer Boy Enoch is our cherished oldest son.  He is my child who asks exactly 1,295,726 questions EVERY day.  Ladies if you want a man who will talk to you we’re accepting applications for arranged marriages. 😉  He is thoughtful and helpful – if you come to our home he will probably offer you something to drink before I do.  He spent the first 5 years of his life raising cows in Ethiopia.  He’s a great shot with a sling shot, he’s witnessed his older brother (in Ethiopia) kill a deer with a spear and a dog, and he’s climbed a banana tree with a machete and cut down bananas for a snack.  Most recently he’s decided his life ambition is to invent flying cars for commercial use. So if you think there’s a market out there for people wanting to beat the traffic in their daily commute by purchasing a personal flying vehicle then you should start buying stock in aero-technology.  He has a love of legos, likes the subjects of reading and science best, and would play wii most of the day if his controlling caring mother didn’t limit him to about 30 minutes a week.

IMG_8258Twinkle Toes Tigist, the daughter we  prayed for.  Twinkle and her biological brother Enoch were the first two children to join the Taylor family. She was my first daughter and has a captivating smile and infectious joy for life.  She’s passionate, creative, and artistic.  And unfortunately her father’s pretty sure he’s not allowing her to ever date or get married since she’s to remain a princess in our home forever.  Her earliest memories involve chasing chickens, and I’m positive she will be our biggest asset should we ever pursue homesteading.  She’s not afraid of getting dirty, but has been known to ask for an apron while helping out in the kitchen.  She is likely to be our future home decorator since I have zero creativity and inspiration in that area.  Her favorite subject in school is math and boy oh boy is she quick; she regularly exasperates her brother with her ability to figure things out in her head.  She still wants to homeschool forever so that she can pursue her dream job of being a wife and mother some day.

taylor45Rock Star Justice is our reminder that God is good and right in all He does.  This boy can bust a move- Ethiopian style and about any other dance beat you give him.  Of course being raised for some formative years in an orphanage while watching Michael Jackson videos sure helps out with some sweet dancing skills.  He has an interest in music and the banjo most recently.  I think he’ll be in a band some day – he’s got the looks, the moves, and the music!  Rock Star is always seeking to make us smile or laugh.  He’s most recently the king of lame, I mean, fabulous for a kid knock knock jokes and somehow his siblings find him hilarious.  You know, “Knock knock.  Who’s there.  Sink. Sink who? Its your turn to do the dishes!”  He joins his brother in lego construction, but is one to never take life to seriously.  We’re not sure of his life ambitions just yet, but I’m sure they’ll develop into something pretty incredible along the way.

IMG_0577Little Tyke Erbeka embraces her spot as the baby of the family every second of every day.  I personally also think she’s done a pretty good job of securing her position as the youngest. 🙂 She doesn’t remember much from her early months in Ethiopia, but we’re pretty sure she’s thankful for the police officer that found her and brought her to the orphanage.  Little Tyke spends her days exploring the world with the curiosity of a three year old.  She wouldn’t eat a banana for the first 14 months or her life but now chows down on just about everything, including many non-food items. She effortlessly potty-trained herself and for that alone she deserves a favorite child award.  Her favorite past time recently is dress-up.


This is Belle.  The absolute best boxer you will ever meet.  She came into our family as a terrified and neglected 6 month old puppy and definitely has a quirkiness about her.  However she is the most gentle and cuddly 55 pounds of fur I know.  She’s been known to play dress up with the kids and be used as a stepping stool for the baby. . . she just takes it all in stride.

Meet Skat the cat. Our lovable kitty.  He enjoys adventures in the woods near our home, But ventures upstairs to lap sit once the kids have gone down for the night.  He’s pretty good pals with Belle and actually has his fun by hiding and jumping out to scare Belle.  He’s also the best bug catcher in our house.


IMG_0514Here’s Elmo, Erbeka’s fish.  I’m glad fish are easy to come by because I’m certain Elmo may be going on “vacation” a few times.  He’s a pretty lazy fish, but well loved by our youngest.


Basically we’re a pretty awesome family, however I should let you know that we’re actually a group of people who miss the mark so often.  I could be caught impatiently speaking with my children or arguing with my husband; or you might actually find out that my kids whine and talk back too.  So I’ll just be upfront and let you know, we’re not perfect people but we’re thankful for a perfect savior – Jesus Christ.  Our song is forever that our hope is built on nothing less then Jesus Christ, His grace has covered all our sins!

So welcome to The Eccentric Family.  We’re peculiar people adopted and loved by an amazing God.