About the Blog

Hello and Welcome!  I’m honored you’ve stopped by my humble and rather eccentric corner of the blog world.

My name is Bethany and I’m first of all a Christian.  I know that that can mean a lot of different things to people, but hopefully you’ll get a sense of what it means for us.  We’re a family that loves God, believes the Bible, and seeks to do our best loving and serving others.  Secondly I get to be the wife of the most amazing man you’ll ever meet.  Joshua is my best friend and lover, there is no one else on this earth that I love more.  Third, I’m a mother.  This is a privilege and honor that I do not take likely.  My children have all come through adoption and I don’t begin to think I know why God chose me to care for these precious children when their bio parents no longer could.  But doing so is my favorite job, in fact its my full time job.

The Eccentric Family is a new and evolving venture; therefore over these first few months if you’re stopping by you’ll probably find a smorgasbord or different topics as I discover exactly what I’d like this blog to be.

In my search for the correct spelling of the word smorgasbord (yes, I am a horrific speller) I found out that its actually a Scandinavian meal served buffet style with multiple dishes of various food.  😉 So while the Taylor family has no Scandinavian roots, and I have no recipes for Scandinavian food you’ll probably read about a broad variety of topics that I’m interested in.  Here’s a sample of the categories you might find here.

  • Parenting (you can bet on being able to learn from my mistakes!)
  • Adoption and Orphan care (one of my passions)
  • Marriage (you’ll probably be jealous of just how cool my husband is)
  • Home Schooling (we’re currently following a classical approach, and yes my children are learning things)
  • Homesteading (or at least my dreams of doing this)
  • Gardening (my feeble attempts)
  • Recipes/Meal planning (probably not Scandinavian ones)
  • and really random other stuff (aren’t you excited to find out what??!?!) 🙂

So Welcome to The Eccentric Family. . . want to join us?  Its sure to be unconventional and hopefully slightly whimsical along the way!