Skipped a few days and non-compliant bacon

The last few days at my parents I didn’t bother tracking my food.  We ate compliant foods, enjoyed spending time with everyone and I took care of our 3 year old who caught the tummy bug and was vomiting.  However I really think that this diet has helped my immune system stay strong!  My kids have colds and tummy bugs and I haven’t gotten a thing!  Normally I’d be the first one done with a major sinus infection!  I’m praying that my body stays strong!

One day while in Northern Maine, I did purchase non-compliant bacon (had sugar in it) and we made lettuce wrap BLT’s with homemade guacamole.  Technically I should “restart” my Whole30 but 2 slices of bacon cured with sugar is not the end of the world for me and so we continue on!  😉

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