Days 12-15

Okay, I missed recording the last few days and can’t quite remember exactly what I’ve eaten.  I DID manage to stay compliant through Valentines Day, although I really wanted a glass of wine with the steak and shrimp I made for Joshua and I!!!  Here is Day 15 food log.

Bfast – egg scramble: spinach, red pepper, onion, bacon, black coffee
-apple carrot spinach juice 20 oz – this was very sweet to me, I’m definitely noticing changes in my taste preferences.

Lunch – 1/2 banana, 1/2 orange, spinach with vinegar, 1/3 cup homemade guacamole, 6 cashews

Dinner – taco salad, I made my own seasoning that was delicious!

Half way through the Whole 30 today, and really starting to feel great! =)

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