Days 10 and 11 Food Log

These logs were written during these days I just haven’t had time to post them here.

Day 10 Food Log

I’m trying to remember what we ate yesterday. I think we had 1/2 pear for bfast with 2 eggs. For lunch I stir-fried chicken breasts with onions and spinach and garlic and then chopped it all up and put it in a portabella cap with some of the extra chicken on the side. . . this was delicious! Sunday dinners are always cereal at our house or sometimes pancakes so I felt a little at a loss at dinner time as I dished out cereal to the kiddos. I was also in a rush because we have 5 families (22 people) from our church over 2x a month for a home group meeting and I wanted to have something compliant to eat! I ended up cutting up pears and making Kale chips. After the meeting hubby and I had a fried egg with some sausage thrown in. Not to bad, but could have been better!

Day 11 Food log

Bfast – 1 egg, pork chopped up real small and stir-fried with shredded coconut and raisins. I ran out of spinach and Kale so was void of any veggies. black coffee
snack – 1/2 banana, veggie “chips” (they were compliant)
Lunch – I got to fill a container with yumminess from the Whole Foods salad bar all sorts of yummy veggies and a huge portion of fresh guacamole.
snack – orange
Dinner – chipotle orange chicken thighs, roasted veggies (cauliflower, asparagus, carrots, parsnips)
I needed to drink more water today, I am feeling pretty dehydrated.

Oh, I also got these awesome olives from Whole Foods its a mix of green and black I ate 6-7 of those today too! YUM!

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