Catching up

We are still going strong on the Whole30 front!  Actually today is day 23 and we’re only a week away from finishing; however, I don’t really want to finish.  I feel so amazing eating this way, and even though we aren’t able to weigh in or take measurements during the 30 days, I can tell I’ve lost weight and inches!  The only thing that I really want is yogurt, and I’m interested to see if I’ll have any adverse reactions to reintroducing dairy.

I’ve also slowly been transitioning our other kids over to eating this way.  I still allow cereal, oatmeal or toast at breakfast, but I’ve been removing all grains and dinner and having them eat what we eat, and for lunch I’m trying to come up with more grain free easy lunch ideas!  They really haven’t complained too much!  We’ve also been able to keep our grocery budget in check.  There has certainly been some increase but not as astronomically as I anticipated.  For our family of 7, with children ages 3-15, who all eat healthy size portions we’ve kept our budget to about $150-$175/week.

In the next few posts I’ll update on our food logs over the past couple weeks.

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