A Birthday, Cheating and Day 8

A big Happy 9th Birthday goes out to our fun-loving son Justice.  He daily brings laughter to our home!  His food choices for the day yesterday were Donuts for breakfast, Hot dogs for lunch, and Pizza for supper!  Definitely some temptation, however I found myself actually not wanting the donuts or hot dogs, the pizza was tempting though!


Today we will celebrate with a cake, and because we have 3+ feet of snow piling up around our house I will be making waffles for breakfast and homemade fries and milkshakes later on.  (A Taylor Family snow storm tradition!)  I think I’ll make the Whole30 participants Sweet potato fries and fruit smoothies!  Even with all the temptations yesterday; Meti, Joshua and I all made it through the day without cheating. . . that is except for Meti’s indulgence while dining with 3 year old Erbeka. . .  I took a picture for proof of her consumption!  Of course she made sure Erbeka had good food choices.

Meti's dining choiceIMG_1421

Here’s what we ate yesterday to stay on track!

Breakfast – 1 fried egg, 2 slices bacon, fried parsnips
snack – pear
Lunch – baked sweet potato wedges, sausage patty (I made my own from ground pork for the first time, these were delicious!)
snack – date, almond, coconut, cocoa ball
Dinner – ginger lemon shrimp stir fry with carrots, onions and celery.  This was hubby’s creation and absolutely delicious!! He will be hired again to come up with dinner creations!

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