Whole30 Food Log

I’m starting my log a little late, however Meti and I have jumped into our Whole30 head first! We found this program last week and literally decided to just DO IT, so I’m a little less prepared then what I’d hope to be when starting something like this, but we’re staying on track! However I’ve had crazy dreams of sneaking contraband food while no one was looking! :)

We began February 1st and I wasn’t able to go grocery shopping until yesterday the 5th. We haven’t done anything super special yet in terms of meals, but are trying to keep it simple and eat what we have on hand that’s compliant.  A big thing for us is doing this on a budget! As a SAHM with 5 kids we don’t have a lot of wiggle room in our food budget so we have a goal to make this work within our means or hubby gets to nix the program.

In general we are a pretty healthy family.  I never buy soda (yuck!), we don’t do packaged snacks, and I will only occasionally purchase chips to go with salsa or if our family is doing a burger night.  I confess, I feed my family ramen a few times a month for lunch when we’re in a hurry, and to help stretch the budget, but we just don’t use prepackaged starters.  I was fortunate to learn from my mom some sweet cooking skills and we enjoy cooking in our family.  Even Joshua is a fabulous cook!  However grains (bread, pasta, rice, corn, quinoa) take up a large amount of our daily food intake and I can see it taking its toll. And for me personally this next 30 days is all about breaking the grain/sugar addiction. And I am missing my whole fat plain greek yogurt something fierce! And while coffee isn’t as wonderful without cream in it, drinking it black is not the end of the world. For me coffee is a means to an end while I attempt homeschooling 5 ambitious kiddos!

Others suggested keeping a food log for the accountability, and its been great to track and see the changes in our family’s diet.  Joshua decided to join us on day 4, and I’ve been slowly trying to get the other kids more involved.  I didn’t track as well on days 1-3 but have kept a log since then so here’s days 4 and 5!


  • Breakfast – hard boiled egg, peach and coconut milk smoothie, coffee with coconut milk
  • Lunch – pork chop with sweet potato hash and kale
  • Dinner – stuffed green peppers
  • Evening snack – 10 almonds

Overall I found myself really filled with these meals.  I drank about 6 glasses of water on day 4.


  • Breakfast – 2 eggs over easy, 2 slices bacon, 1/2 green apple, 1 cup sauteed kale, coffee with coconut milk
  • Morning snack – Larabar, these things are amazing!  I had the Apple Pie one
  • Lunch – Salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil with leftover green pepper stuffing on top
  • Afternoon snack – pistachio nuts
  • Dinner – I had a meeting and was out so I grabbed a piece of the chicken I had roasted for our family and another Larabar.  Definitely not the healthiest dinner.

Day Five I felt so much fuller with energy.  While its officially only a few days into the Whole30 I began three days before with the juice fast and I think that really helped get me off to a good start!

And to demonstrate my mad math skills (Meti is currently in 8th grade math and doing fraction to percentage conversions) we are officially 1/6th or 16.67% of the way through the program.  And with that Happy Wednesday to everyone!


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