Starting the Whole30. . .

I’m a little late to New Year Resolutions and goal setting this year.  However, a month of grace after the busy holiday season, and I feel ready to dive in with conviction.  One area of growth for me this year revolves around food choices.  I went mostly gluten free last year and was about 75% compliant, the problem being that gluten wreaks havoc and has devastating affects in my system for a good 6 months after being consumed!  Due to some other health concerns I started looking into ways to eat to help heal my body from regular fatigue, debilitating migraines, hair loss, thyroid issues, and infertility.

In my search I learned about a program called the Whole30.  Here is what they say on their website:

“The Whole30 is not a diet, a short-term fix or a temporary solution. It’s also not the Whole365.  We want you to use the Whole30 as a learning tool to gain awareness of how the foods you used to eat were actually affecting how you look, feel, live and perform.  And then we want you to carry that awareness forward, and use your experience to change the way you eat for the rest of your life.”

Usually the first thing people want to know is what you can and cannot eat – so here’s an overview.  Basically it comes down to cutting out all alcohol, dairy, grain, sugar (in ALL forms including honey and maple syrup), and legumes for a period of 30 days.  This leaves you able to eat any fruit, vegetable, nut or meat, that has not been processed or altered in some way.  Limiting, but not too hard.

Last week Monday-Wednesday I began with a mostly juice fast.  I drank just fresh juice for breakfast and lunch and then had only vegetables for supper.  This actually went really well and I think set me up for the Whole 30.  We officially began on Friday February 1st and so far we’ve done things like eggs and sweet potato hash for breakfast, a class of 24 oz of fresh juice for bfast or lunch, salads, lettuce wraps, stir-fried chicken and veggies, roasted cabbage, a chuck roast, smoothies made with frozen fruit and canned coconut milk.  There are honestly lots of possibilities!  Our favorite snacks are dates, almonds, pistachios, homemade kale chips or baked sweet potato fries.

Its certainly a change, and its difficult to make pancakes for your kids, but eat something else instead, or sit down with a bottle of water while all your friends eat yummy Superbowl snacks!  This is good though, and we’re committed to it!  I hope to post regularly here about our daily food so stay tuned. . .  and perhaps consider joining us!

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3 Responses to Starting the Whole30. . .

  1. heather says:

    you go sistah! I am going to check out the sight now, dates, nuts, kale chips..sound a lot like the raw “diet” I was on. I lost weight and had so much energy! Most important was being a healthier mama for the kiddos..and them being healthier too. No reason to not try again 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting…. I have been told with our family issues that this would be the way to go ……hmmmm your making me think

  3. Cortney says:

    Bethany, you should check out Maria’s Delicious Health Journal:

    She has a ton of great information and grain-free/sugar-free recipes… that actually taste good!

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