The Glory of Ordinary

This morning as we served pancakes and pink smoothies to our 5 kiddos for Valentine’s Day my heart was full with the joy of the morning and the thought that this was my ordinary daily life.  5 extraordinary children sat around our hand-me-down table with a stool, a couple old chairs and some black folding chairs from walmart.  I placed the red table cloth on top and set the kids Valentine’s cards on their plates.  Hubby mixed up the pancakes with WAY more chocolate chips then I’d ever put in. . . this alone delighted the hearts of our children.

Have you ever had the thought that you’ve got to do more, be more, help more, simplify more, change more, live more, experience more?  I know I have.  It seems popular to glorify our lives these day with either the pursuit of social justice, simple living, global aid, life experiences and so on and so forth.  I’ve also noticed my own tendency to push against normal. . . a desire to be revolutionary.

An article by Kevin DeYoung (that’s his blog not the article) that I recently read in an old publication made me stop and think.  Here’s an excerpt:

“With all due respect, what’s harder: to be an idolized rock star who travels around the world touting good causes and chiding governments for their lack of foreign aid, or to be a line worker at GM with four kids and a mortgage, who tithes to his church, sings, in the choir every week, serves on the school board, and supports a Christian relief agency and a few missionaries from his disposable income?”

He later shares that what the world needs are fewer revolutionaries and a few more plodding along visionaries.  This is a heart journey that I’ve recently been on.  One of learning to be faithful with exactly what God places in my life today.  Its difficult because the world needs revolutionary people, ones who stand against child slavery and trafficking, people who take a stand against materialism and selfish gain, people who bring awareness to poverty and channel funding to those in need.  However my idea of what this looks like is changing.

There is glory in the ordinary. . . purpose in the daily plodding of a faithful life lived honorably and well.  Today, I’m seeking to hug my children a few more times, encourage my husband more intentionally, and live an ordinary day to the glory of God.


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One Response to The Glory of Ordinary

  1. There’s a poem by John Keble with a verse that says: “The trivial round, the common task, Will furnish all we ought to ask; Room to deny ourselves, a road To bring us daily nearer God.” (I have it posted all over my house because I often need reminders to glory in the ordinary!) Thank you for writing. May you joyfully know many “extra-ordinary” blessings in your ordinary living!

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