Reinvention. . .

I’m blogging again as an eccentric ordinary lady. . .  try not to be confused.  I’m making some changes to the site.  Keep coming back for updates and a new look.

A re-introduction

If you search the blogosphere you find EXTRAordinary women such as (some of my favorite blog sites):

Simple Mom, The Organic Sister, Those Passionate about Homemaking, Frugal Granola, The Happy Housewife, Crazy Adoption Mom, Crunchy Betty, and The Dating Divas. . .

And then you’ll find me.  An ordinary yet somewhat eccentric lady. We’re probably a lot alike. I try to live simply, I love the idea of organic and natural living, I am passionate about homemaking, I attempt to be frugal, I try to be a happy housewife, I’m crazy about adoption, and yeah people might call me a bit crunchy, and I attempt to date my husband with passion and flare! But I still on occasion let my kids eat hot dogs, once in a blue moon buy Lucky Charms, splurge for some non-essentials, and spend most of my days cleaning floors, wiping down bathrooms, doing laundry, and trying to convince myself that potty training my toddler is a deeply valuable contribution to society.

Nom de guerre aside, I will hit thirty-one this year, will celebrate nine years of marriage to Exemplary Husband, and become the mother of five children ages 2-14 all in the last 36 months. (its possible!) In my life I’ve called Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Texas, and Virginia home. I’ve had the privilege of traveling/visiting: Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, India, Romania, Croatia, Namibia, Ethiopia, South Africa, and London. I graduated high school but never finished college. The time I spent in college I studied Archeology, Anthropology, and then Sociology. In the 36 months I’ve had the honor of parenting I’ve home-schooled, un-schooled, and now public schooled my children, but will be pulling them out to home-school again soon. I promise I’m not crazy, there have been perfectly good reasons for each of these decisions.

Half my life ago I determined that I didn’t want the normal grown-up life; having 2 children, a 2000 sq foot home, 1 acre yard with picket fence, 9-5 job and comfy benefit packages. It seemed too ordinary. In my progressive teenage mind I resolved that I would be a “World Changer.” Perhaps an ambassador to a foreign nation, a humanitarian, a missionary, a chemist discovering cures. . . can you relate? But here I am, and even though I don’t have any of the aforementioned “grown-up life” call it what you want, my days seem ordinary and in my life’s journeys I’ve found that the world is a pretty big place to change.

So are we doomed to live ordinary mundane lives in a never ending-cycle? In a world set to hit the 7 billion population mark this year, do I matter? As one ordinary person to another, I believe all of us can do something extraordinary.  Stay tuned.

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One Response to Reinvention. . .

  1. Hilary says:

    Love this. : ) I wrote something similar about how everyone’s story is pretty unbelievable here: . I love reading about the things you two have done and how your family has grown! I can’t wait to read more from you!

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