Summer in Maine. . . a catch up in the life of the Taylors

What an adventure life is sometimes.  And how packed full of unsaid meaning the word “adventure” can hold.  Some days I think, “Oh yes, please let my mundane life be more thrilling, exciting, adventurous!”  and others, “Oh Lord, please let this be an uneventful, peaceful, normal sorta day!”  Because as a mom, an adventure could be when your younger son goes head first off his bicycle in the morning biting through his tongue, and then in the evening gets pinned under a trailer, squished and contorted in a somewhat pretzel like shape and you wonder how he actually walks away alive. (true story).  But when life gets you in a rut, and you find yourself uncontent, incontent (why am I getting spell checked, aren’t those real words? Someone help me out) well that’s when you decide you might want to write a more interesting tale for your life.  Okay, I went back and found out the the correct word should actually be discontent. . . but doesn’t everyone say “uncontent.”

So, summer here in Maine has most unmistakably been a fantastic adventure.  Our family left Virginia the end of June and has experienced a summer full of T-ball and minor league rec games along with afternoon swimming lessons in an outdoor pool where certain days the water was only 62 degrees.  All of this an undertaking our older three have taken in stride.  For Joshua and I the adventure has been one of stretching our faith, testing our patience and endurance, challenging our communication, and seeking what wisdom is.

There’s just something about this season of doing what you can to line up things in life, oh for example – a place to live and jobs. . . and then waiting on what God has in store.  Joshua has done an admirable job leading our family through this transition, and its been astounding to watch as God has been at work in each of our lives.

Josh began a per diem job today working with special needs children in their homes.  This is a love of his, as he continues pursuing his degree in Psychology with an emphasis on crisis management and counseling.  This job will provide a base income for our family while he builds his own media production company – something he really enjoys doing.  If anyone needs an event filmed he now owns all “the professional stuff” you know the cameras, lights, mics, and things ones needs to do the job, but I’ll put a plug in for him that he’s REALLY good at the post production end of things too, in putting it all together for a promo video, event video, or conference.  So. . . just saying if you need any video work done, please let us know!  He will have his LLC license for the business shortly, and a website up soon.

So, the job is lined up, but the Taylors are still in limbo house wise.  We’re praying for a miracle – please pray for us too!  Honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing how God provides for us in this area.  We recently found out that while financially we have all our ducks in a row to buy a house, we’re ineligible for a loan for at least 2 years, since Joshua is mostly self-employed and we’ll need to show 2 years worth of tax returns for his new business.  We have looked and looked, and have yet to find something suitable for our family rental wise – there just is not much available within our price range.  Now we have watched God work some pretty amazing financial miracles the last 3 years as we’ve adopted 4 children, right down to landlords lowering rent, someone giving us a fantastic van, and being able to adopt debt free while I stayed home with our kids.  So now we pray, do what we can, and wait.  oh yes. . . that oh so horrible 4-letter word.

Thus, here we are relishing our summer in Maine, while anticipating its end.  The months ahead are assuredly going to be some of our best yet as we watch life unfold our tale here in Maine.  Pictures to come. . . .

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One Response to Summer in Maine. . . a catch up in the life of the Taylors

  1. Cortney says:

    This is so great to hear, Bethany! Thanks for the update. God has been telling me lots of ‘miraculous provision’ stories lately… can’t wait to hear about yours!

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