Life is Full – a Second part to Escapism

*This was written weeks ago, when I “meant” to do a series on Escapism. . . such is the life of a homeschooling mother of 4.  I’m still learning time management and organization. . . and how to do 17 loads of laundry each week. =)  I plan to be a bit more consistent and back on a normal posting schedule.  There is just too much life going on around here that I know my feeble mind will forget in the years ahead, and I want to have a record of the life we’re living. *

You know those days were you get up, the sun is out, the birds are singing, you make it through breakfast with no sour attitudes or spilled milk?  Today has been like that.  A fabulous day that I actually have no desire of escaping.  It’s Joshua’s birthday (April 4th) and I got up, made homemade donuts (sorry I forgot to take pictures), the kids helped pick-up and blow up some balloons and we had a nice meal together.  Well almost. . . I didn’t fry the donuts long enough and had the oil to hot so the outsides were done but they were doughy in the middle. . . yeah story of my life.  But anyways people were happy, 15 minutes in the oven took care of the donuts and we had a nice start to the day.  😉 Try not to laugh too hard. . . my next thought if the oven trick didn’t work was to run the the grocery store 3 minutes down the street for donuts.

Josh got off to work, the kids and I cleaned up, and we headed over to the garden center for flowers, potting soil, and some composted manure and mushroom soil.  We made it through the grocery store for a few items and home by 10:30AM.  I put the baby down, the kids got right started on their school, and I packed up a picnic lunch for the park.  We dropped off lunch to Joshua and I got a call from a neighbor and found out she had recently had surgery.  She wondered if I could watch her kids for a bit since it was a teacher in-service day and they were home, we swung by her home and packed her two in the van with my four and head to the park.

I brought an entire bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies to give out and soon had a swarm of children crowding round.  We enjoyed the gorgeous almost 80 degree weather and I got my first sun burn of the season.  It seemed as though every neighborhood child wanted to assist in the soil/compost mixing and planting in our garden, however when its one adult and 11 children somehow many hands didn’t make for quick work but it was wonderful and fulfilling all the same.  It was obvious a handful of those kids had never seen a garden.  A couple asked if we were going to actually eat stuff that grew out of the dirt.  Cute!  😉

One of the first things I’m realizing about attempting to escape my here and now life is the circumstance factor.  Somethings I “like” to do- make donuts, play outside, work in the garden.  Others I dread- explaining the directions and reading questions 17 times to the same child who is just searching for an easy answer, putting away laundry.  So I’m grappling with how to make the ordinary desirable.  How do I enjoy the “have-to-dos?”  What is your way of finding joy in every season and day of life?

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