Escapism. . .

-the avoidance of reality by the absorption of the mind in entertainment or in an imaginative situation or activity.

As in right now I wish my children couldn’t read this over my shoulder and ask me three thousand questions. 😉  I would like to escape and avoid my present reality.  I would prefer my thoughts to be absorbed with something other then making sure I get 3 loads of laundry done, a snack made for a mom’s meeting tonight, and the school lessons I should be teaching to my children.  Wishing that it wasn’t a gloomy day, or that I had a more extravagant life.

The topic of “escaping” from my present reality has come up a lot lately.  I’ve talked with friends and Joshua about how this looks in our lives.  Why are we not finding joy and contentment in our day to day?  I have some thoughts of what this looks like that I want to share over a couple other posts, and hope that I may have some others share thoughts here too.

So what does Escapism look like in your life?  How is it unhealthy?  Have you ever found it to be beneficial?

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3 Responses to Escapism. . .

  1. Megan M says:

    I do that all the time – sitting in class after a day of work and daydreaming of being somewhere else, working on homework when I would rather get other tasks done or just relax. For me, it stems from discontentment. “I wish I had done this differently” or “If I had known then, I would have…” or even worse “If I was running the world/my life…” What I need to do is trust God’s sovereignty and ask for joy in the season He has given me. In The Attributes of God, A.W. Pink writes, “God is sovereign, His will is supreme. So far from God being under any law of “right,” He is a law unto Himself, so that whatsoever does right.” So, the God did not give me my season because it was right, it is right because He gave it to me. I should rejoice in His gifts and ask for His help when the season is difficult. Now, escaping to thoughts of the gospel and Heaven would be a good idea, but usually my escapism is rooted in sin. So, it is unhealthy because it hinders my relationship with my Savior. I am so busy focusing on what I want that I miss an opportunity to glorify God and enjoy His presence.

  2. Megan M says:

    Ok, so I totally messed up the italics… Sorry! That quote should end “so that whatsoever He does is right.”

  3. Christina says:

    Just clicked on to your blog from the message you just sent on our Ethiopian yahoo group. I totally “practice” escapism. My husband is a worship and youth pastor and I help him quite a bit with youth part of it, but we have this dream (ok mostly I do) of being apart of a different kind of ministry. I would love for this ministry to happen to be somewhere beautiful like the mountains in Colorado. I have times where I think about it a lot and honestly it usually just makes me dissatisfied with my life right now (and I like my life right now!) I want to hang on to the dream if it is from the Lord – which I believe it is. I just have to be careful not to forget that the life I am living now is part of my dream as well!

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