Meet Erbeka Mercy Taylor

Introducing our very toddleresque 16 month old Erbeka.  Usually a happy natured, carefree child she is recently coming into her own independent little self.   Her only 2 words are still dada and hi, the rest of her day consists of shrieks and babbling.  She’s a delight to have in our family, and is still doing awesome in her potty training!

Erbeka is our diva in training with fancy hairbows from Aunt Anna

She is also quite possibly the only child deathly afraid of Elmo

She was our 2010 Christmas Cutie

And here is my all time favorite photo taken by my cousin Megan Wark




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3 Responses to Meet Erbeka Mercy Taylor

  1. Melissa says:

    You should try the “Where’s your nose” and “Where’s your mouth” combination and see if it results in anything amusing 😉

  2. charisma says:

    I’m deathly afraid of elmo too, haha 😉
    gorgeous picture at the end! she’s such a sweet girl 🙂

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