Introducing Zegeye Justice Taylor

Well after a few interview attempts we have something workable for Justice.  😉  The first interview included only a few head nods and yes and no responses.  The second interview he said he wanted to be a dad, but NEVER get married, and NEVER have any children. 😉  Zegeye’s also pretty sure that there are no more children in Ethiopia needing families?!?!  So anyhow, this interview is a bit long, but I hope you enjoy getting to know our loved son Justice.

This second video gives you a better glimpse into the spunky kinda kid that Zegeye is in a more natural setting.  I personally think he’ll be our band geek!  Only probably not quite as geeky as Joshua and I were. . . he’s a pretty cool kid.

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One Response to Introducing Zegeye Justice Taylor

  1. Melissa says:

    Maddy and I just watched this together. Her response: ” (gasp) Mama, my favorite!”

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