Friday Friend Feature

Today I have the privilege of introducing my great friend Shelly.  I’ll let her tell you their “adoption story” in her post below.  I love this family, and how they’ve allowed God to open their hearts to adoption.  I am so excited to one day meet the precious child God has in store for Shelly and her husband Darren.   Please also check out their fundraisers too and the link to their blog for more details on their adoption journey.

Our names are Darren & Shelly Condon and we’ve been married for 8 years.  We decided to adopt a little over a year ago.  We are what the medical world would call an “infertile” couple and had come to terms with that lot in our lives.  Adoption was never something we discussed and honestly I was scared of bringing it up, for fear Darren would not want to or that we couldn’t afford it.

Over the winter of 2009/2010 God was speaking to both Darren and I individually about adoption, but we had not uttered a word to one another about what was going on in our hearts in regards to this.  Before we even spoke to one another about adopting, our then 5 year old niece declared to her Uncle Darren one night at our house… “Uncle, you and Auntie should adopt from Haiti”.  The following day, Darren was working in the yard, listening to my MP3 player that had been loaded with songs and sermons by my bosses wife.  He listened to about 5 sermons over the course of that day and about 3 of them were on adopting… talk about being blown away.  When I questioned my bosses wife about the sermons, she said that she didn’t pick and choose the sermons by topic… just downloaded some stuff for me…  Talk about being blown away at how and what God will use to speak into your life!  When we finally had the “talk” about adopting, and knew right away that it was suppose to be Haiti.  We then decided to share our decision with a few close friends and asked them to pray about our decision for confirmation.  Again, we were blown away by the response.  These dear friends and family members had already been on their knees on our behalf for this very thing!  We are so excited to become a mom and dad to the child God has his finger on in Haiti for us, and in some ways we feel like parents already!
We have learned so much, but the biggest things I think we have learned is how much we must trust and depend on the Lord.  When we get stressed and anxious about this journey… we need to REST in Him.  His word promises us that He will complete the good work He began.
The blessings have been abundant and keep coming.  We are so humbled by the love, prayers and support of our family, friends and church… it’s overwhelming!  We would ask that prayers be lifted up on our behalf for the financial goals we have left to meet, and if God would have you invest in our journey with us… as well as for God to prepare our hearts and our child’s heart for when we become a forever family ….many changes will come. Our next goal is the $4500 we need to send into our agency upon the completion of our Dossier at the end of June.  Then it will be the travel expenses to Haiti- we will be making at least 2 trips.
Fund-Raisers we currently have going on are:
  • Donations through orders from the website – James & Alicia Taubin create homemade soap and knitted items.
  • April 15th we are having a fund-raising dinner and silent auction
  • On-going bottle drive through PI Redemption Center
I also have a blog that you can visit at
Thank you for allowing me to share our story with you.
Darren & Shelly Condon
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