What’s Cookin Good Lookin

So a little late this week. . . but yes, rest assured the Taylor family will eat this week, and here’s the plan.  No breakfasts since those seemed to change, and a couple repeats from last week that we didn’t end up using.  Also I wanted to put a link into a great template I print out each week and post on our fridge for meal planning.  Here’s what I use.


  • Lunch – Leftovers and PB sandwiches
  • Supper – Tuna Casserole


  • Lunch – black bean burritos
  • Supper – White Lasagna


  • Lunch – salads and yogurt
  • Supper – White Chicken Chili


  • Lunch – Rotini with pasta sauce
  • Supper – TaterTot casserole


  • Lunch – Grilled PB Sandwiches, cheese, and veggies
  • Supper – Salmon Patties, baked potatoes


  • Lunch – Mac and Cheese with veggies
  • Supper – Ethiopian Food (Shiro, Doro wat, Beef stew)


  • Lunch – Left overs
  • Supper – BBQ beef sandwiches with corn

If you’d like recipes for anything leave a comment.  All the recipes are in cookbooks and not online this week!  😉  Happy cooking!

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2 Responses to What’s Cookin Good Lookin

  1. Sarah H. says:

    I definitely would love the Ethiopian recipes! 🙂

  2. Heidi says:

    i want Ethiopia recopies too and your white chicken chili …. that sounds yummy! 🙂

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