Teaching Tuesday

Yeah, I’m bad with the titles. . . but hey, it’s catchy right?!?  And yes, this was “supposed” to be posted yesterday – such is life as the homeschooling mother of 4 children.

So today Erbeka wanted to introduce you to what she’s been learning lately.

She’s been using the potty chair for about 3 weeks now and is doing a great job!  So while I am certainly NO expert on potty training, I am counting my lucky stars that she is willingly and happily going potty on it 5-6 times a day!  I have only changed 3 poopy diapers in 3 weeks, and they were all blow out ones, she’s done everything else in the potty.  We’re down to 1 or sometimes 2 cloth diapers during the day, and then a disposable at night.  😉 Not to bad for 16 months old.  Way to go Erbeka!

Enoch, Abeni, and Justice have also started a new learning venture together.





Joshua and I were laughing that we could hardly remember cursive writing.  And wondered if it was actually a necessary evil.  Thoughts??  Do kids still need to learn to write in cursive?  For now, all three parties are equally enthralled with the fancy letter learning, but I’m wondering how long this will last.

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6 Responses to Teaching Tuesday

  1. Sara Roy says:

    Good job on the potty training mommy! She’s so young to be doing that, I bet it’s because she has three older siblings. But really…very good job!

  2. Shelly says:

    My DD didn’t master the potty till she was almost 4 so I’d say you are doing great! I have thought the same things about cursive but it probably is important to learn to write it in order for them to learn to read it.

  3. Alyssa says:

    We’re totally talking tonight about early potty training! I want tips!!
    Also, I use handwriting all the time. It’s the way I write any handwritten thank you letter or love letter to my hubby. Both my boys are learning it. But in our world of technology maybe it’s going to be a lost art.

  4. Melissa says:

    Hmmm good question… I don’t think they will have to write in cursive very much, but they will probably have to learn how to read it… especially if Great- Grammy B sends them any notes…

  5. jtaylortime says:

    So Erbeka was having some major constipation issues a month ago, and refused to poop in a diaper, so we ended up having to give her miralax so she couldn’t retain anymore. Then we’d have to take off her diaper so that she’d even poop. So I had an Aha! moment and thought, “hey, since I know when she’s going to poop, I should just put her on a potty chair.” Then she decided to not only poop, but also pee in it. So really, I am counting my lucky stars! I just started putting her on it multiple times a day and she pees every time and now goes once or twice a day poop. When we first started I gave her a chocolate chip every time she sat down on the chair. . . so that might have helped some too! 😉

  6. jtaylortime says:

    Melissa – Good thinking, I guess if they’re ever going to be able to read it they’ll have to learn it. But don’t you think they’d be able to pretty much figure out what it was saying??? perhaps I’m just being lazy! 🙂

    Alyssa – I’m totally going to use the line “Isaiah and Elijah know cursive. . . if we ever have a battle about it!” 😉 Looking forward to tonight!

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