How to plan a trip to Costco (or not)

So I alluded to you in my welcome post that I monthly take all four children with me to Costco for our bulk item purchase, because I’m crazy amazing like that.  So want to know how I do it?  Well here’s how it went down on Tuesday March 1st.

I made a full pot of coffee, even though Joshua is out of town on a business trip, and told the older three kiddos they couldn’t come out of their rooms until 8:00AM.  This provided me a calm relaxing morning while I got ready for the day.  I drank 3 cups of coffee.  So there’s Tip #1 drink lots of coffee.

I served up eggs and toast for breakfast and then sent everyone off to get ready for the day.  I had multiple other errands to run while I was out so I prepped for those.  At 9:45 we were ready!  😉 ha ha ha.  Tip #2 is to send as many responsible children outside as possible so that you can gather your things in peace and quiet.  So I told the older three I was changing the baby and getting things ready and then I’d be out.  I unlocked the car for them gathered my lists, took a bathroom break and headed out to the car.

“Did you forget anything mom?”  Abeni asked.  Oh, yeah, I didn’t change the baby.  So I run back in and change her.  Come back out strap her in the carseat and then realize I left my 4th cup of coffee in the to-go mug so I run back inside to get it.  I then return to the car.  “Mom, do you have your phone?” asks Justice.  U#$*GH!!!  I go back, unlock the house and grab my phone taking a long look around before returning to the car this time.  I’m pretty sure I have everything.

Nope, forgot our friends dishes that I’ve had for the last week and promised that I’d return on Sunday so I turn around AGAIN and go get the dishes to drop off on our way.  I tell you – some days!

So Tip#3 is to plan a bunch of little errands BEFORE your trip to COSTCO.  Errands that the kids can stay in the car, this way hopefully the baby will get a little nap in the car and not totally break down in Costco.  We headed to the bank, in the drive thru the nice teller gave me three lollipops and I’m sure he was a father because they were all the SAME color.  And if you’re a mom you know that a meltdown can happen if someone doesn’t get the color they want.  He became my hero for the moment.  Then we headed to the gas station (and by this time Erbeka was sleeping – score!) So when did gas go to $3.40/gallon?!? I’m sure the last time I filled up it was under $3!  So Enoch asked how much money I paid to fill up our very empty gas tank.  I told him it would be just over $50.00.  His eyes about popped out of the socket and he mentioned that he didn’t even get that much money for Christmas, how was he ever going to own a car?!?  I told him he better start saving his money now. 😉

Tip#4 know how to actually get to Costco.  Yeah, I was in la la land and Enoch piped up and said, “Mom, weren’t you supposed to turn back there?”  Uhm, son. . . we’re taking the scenic route today.

Tip#5 empty out the trunk of your car.  As I was unloading the 4 children about to go into Costco I realized that we had exactly, 2 large 30 gallon black trash bags full of thrift store donations, 2 large Tonka trucks, a cooler, and the massive stroller in the back of our van.  What was I thinking??  Oh yeah, after my morning I should know the answer to that question.

So there you have it folks!  My thoughts on successfully taking a shopping trip to Costco. Tune in next time for: How to make it out the door in one trip.  (j/k)

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5 Responses to How to plan a trip to Costco (or not)

  1. Alyssa says:

    Woman, you deserve a medal of honor. You wouldn’t catch me dead with all four at Costco!

  2. Sarah H. says:

    Yea! I’m so glad you’re blogging again! 🙂 I’m highly impressed that you take them all to Costco at the same time! LOL. I can hardly get myself through that store!

  3. Sara Roy says:

    That sounds like what my morning would sound like. 🙂

  4. jtaylortime says:

    I promise, its usually not that bad! 😉

  5. Amy says:

    Hilarious – I can relate to days like this and I only have two boys!! Bethany, your blog is one of the first I read when I joined the America World Yahoo Group soon after my husband and I were accepted into the program. I have so loved reading about your journeys and learning about your family. And I have grown wiser as an adoptive Mom too through your sharing!
    In His Love,
    Mom to John and Ryan

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