Day 21 and 22

Day 21 Log

Bfast – 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, black coffee, fresh juice 24oz (spinach, apple, lemon, cucumber, celery)
Snack – Larabar
Lunch – banana with almond butter, 10 grapes
snack – parsnip and sweet potato chips (fried these in coconut oil. . . YUM!)
Dinner – Salad: spinach, carrot, cauliflower, blackberries, peaches, tomato, and lots of roasted chicken with balsamic vinegar/ olive oil.
snack – totally got the snackies at night and fried a banana in coconut oil and sprinkled with cinnamon – Tasted like candy! :D

Day 22 Log

Breakfast – Warmed up peaches, pineapple, strawberries, and mango in coconut milk on the stove. Sprinkled it with cinnamon and walnut pieces. 1 hard boiled egg.
Snack – apple
Lunch – I wasn’t very hungry and ate 1/2 avacado with smoked salmon slices on top. It was amazing!
snack – 1 hard boiled egg, almond butter, banana, coconut milk smoothie
Dinner – roasted kale and brussell sprout chips (my kids loved these), mashed carrots, parsnips, garlic, and cauliflower (another huge hit with the kids, and roasted brocolli and bacon. This dinner was FULL of veggies and my kids asked if we could have it again!

I also made my first beef bone broth. . . not too tricky! Hubby and I stayed up watching tv and I took out some of the meat and broth around 10:30. It was so yummy!

Hard to believe there’s just a week left, this is definitely a new way of life for me. I don’t even want to go back.

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Skipped a few days and non-compliant bacon

The last few days at my parents I didn’t bother tracking my food.  We ate compliant foods, enjoyed spending time with everyone and I took care of our 3 year old who caught the tummy bug and was vomiting.  However I really think that this diet has helped my immune system stay strong!  My kids have colds and tummy bugs and I haven’t gotten a thing!  Normally I’d be the first one done with a major sinus infection!  I’m praying that my body stays strong!

One day while in Northern Maine, I did purchase non-compliant bacon (had sugar in it) and we made lettuce wrap BLT’s with homemade guacamole.  Technically I should “restart” my Whole30 but 2 slices of bacon cured with sugar is not the end of the world for me and so we continue on!  😉

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Days 16 and 17

The kids and I are visiting my parents for 5 days or our Winter break.  It was REALLY kind of my mom to ask what we could and couldn’t eat.  She was so helpful in us staying compliant during our time of invading!  And its difficult purchasing some compliant items in Northern Maine, so THANK YOU Mom, (and Dad for buying all the groceries) and helping make all the meals.

Day 16 – Away at parents and figuring out how to “do Whole30” out of my own kitchen

Bfast – fresh berries and bananas with orange juice and cinnamon on it
Lunch – we cooked homemade deer sausage over a fire while out on a lake ice fishing. . . it was grand! Also had some carrots
Snack – apple
Dinner – taco salad, I made my own taco seasoning for the first time and it came out great!

Day 17

Bfast – I am having CRAZY dairy cravings! Like I wanted to eat an entire tub of whole milk plain yogurt with some maple syrup, bananas, and walnuts. . . but alas. . . I stir-fried mushrooms, parsnips, onions, red pepper, and spinach for bfast and ate a hard boiled egg.
Lunch – Salmon (that we caught ice-fishing yesterday!) asparagus, roasted cauliflower, and fresh fruit salad (watermelon, cantalope, pineapple, and strawberries).
snack – applesauce with almond butter in it, 1/2 avacado
Supper – Roasted Turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, brocolli. (I really wanted some of the garlic mashed potatoes!)

My cravings are really starting to show these past few days. But overall I’m feeling better and having increased energy. I still wouldn’t say I’m enjoying my black coffee, but I am noticing that things like fruit taste much sweeter these days and that everything seems to have heightened tastes. I’m enjoying that!  I am going to try making a coconut milk creamer sweetened with dates.

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Days 12-15

Okay, I missed recording the last few days and can’t quite remember exactly what I’ve eaten.  I DID manage to stay compliant through Valentines Day, although I really wanted a glass of wine with the steak and shrimp I made for Joshua and I!!!  Here is Day 15 food log.

Bfast – egg scramble: spinach, red pepper, onion, bacon, black coffee
-apple carrot spinach juice 20 oz – this was very sweet to me, I’m definitely noticing changes in my taste preferences.

Lunch – 1/2 banana, 1/2 orange, spinach with vinegar, 1/3 cup homemade guacamole, 6 cashews

Dinner – taco salad, I made my own seasoning that was delicious!

Half way through the Whole 30 today, and really starting to feel great! =)

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Days 10 and 11 Food Log

These logs were written during these days I just haven’t had time to post them here.

Day 10 Food Log

I’m trying to remember what we ate yesterday. I think we had 1/2 pear for bfast with 2 eggs. For lunch I stir-fried chicken breasts with onions and spinach and garlic and then chopped it all up and put it in a portabella cap with some of the extra chicken on the side. . . this was delicious! Sunday dinners are always cereal at our house or sometimes pancakes so I felt a little at a loss at dinner time as I dished out cereal to the kiddos. I was also in a rush because we have 5 families (22 people) from our church over 2x a month for a home group meeting and I wanted to have something compliant to eat! I ended up cutting up pears and making Kale chips. After the meeting hubby and I had a fried egg with some sausage thrown in. Not to bad, but could have been better!

Day 11 Food log

Bfast – 1 egg, pork chopped up real small and stir-fried with shredded coconut and raisins. I ran out of spinach and Kale so was void of any veggies. black coffee
snack – 1/2 banana, veggie “chips” (they were compliant)
Lunch – I got to fill a container with yumminess from the Whole Foods salad bar all sorts of yummy veggies and a huge portion of fresh guacamole.
snack – orange
Dinner – chipotle orange chicken thighs, roasted veggies (cauliflower, asparagus, carrots, parsnips)
I needed to drink more water today, I am feeling pretty dehydrated.

Oh, I also got these awesome olives from Whole Foods its a mix of green and black I ate 6-7 of those today too! YUM!

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Catching up

We are still going strong on the Whole30 front!  Actually today is day 23 and we’re only a week away from finishing; however, I don’t really want to finish.  I feel so amazing eating this way, and even though we aren’t able to weigh in or take measurements during the 30 days, I can tell I’ve lost weight and inches!  The only thing that I really want is yogurt, and I’m interested to see if I’ll have any adverse reactions to reintroducing dairy.

I’ve also slowly been transitioning our other kids over to eating this way.  I still allow cereal, oatmeal or toast at breakfast, but I’ve been removing all grains and dinner and having them eat what we eat, and for lunch I’m trying to come up with more grain free easy lunch ideas!  They really haven’t complained too much!  We’ve also been able to keep our grocery budget in check.  There has certainly been some increase but not as astronomically as I anticipated.  For our family of 7, with children ages 3-15, who all eat healthy size portions we’ve kept our budget to about $150-$175/week.

In the next few posts I’ll update on our food logs over the past couple weeks.

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A Birthday, Cheating and Day 8

A big Happy 9th Birthday goes out to our fun-loving son Justice.  He daily brings laughter to our home!  His food choices for the day yesterday were Donuts for breakfast, Hot dogs for lunch, and Pizza for supper!  Definitely some temptation, however I found myself actually not wanting the donuts or hot dogs, the pizza was tempting though!


Today we will celebrate with a cake, and because we have 3+ feet of snow piling up around our house I will be making waffles for breakfast and homemade fries and milkshakes later on.  (A Taylor Family snow storm tradition!)  I think I’ll make the Whole30 participants Sweet potato fries and fruit smoothies!  Even with all the temptations yesterday; Meti, Joshua and I all made it through the day without cheating. . . that is except for Meti’s indulgence while dining with 3 year old Erbeka. . .  I took a picture for proof of her consumption!  Of course she made sure Erbeka had good food choices.

Meti's dining choiceIMG_1421

Here’s what we ate yesterday to stay on track!

Breakfast – 1 fried egg, 2 slices bacon, fried parsnips
snack – pear
Lunch – baked sweet potato wedges, sausage patty (I made my own from ground pork for the first time, these were delicious!)
snack – date, almond, coconut, cocoa ball
Dinner – ginger lemon shrimp stir fry with carrots, onions and celery.  This was hubby’s creation and absolutely delicious!! He will be hired again to come up with dinner creations!

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